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In-School Kids Nutrition Workshop

The Kids Nutrition Workshop has been a very popular choice for many vacation care program and after school program co-ordinators across Sydney because it is fun and educational and the kids get to eat their own creation.

What is included in each workshop?

All workshops are run by qualified dietitians who are members of the Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA). Each workshop will include a brief cooking demo, a mini nutrition information presentation based on the theme of the workshop and a kids’ hands-on cooking session. We provide all the ingredients and equipment for use in the class. Stove and oven are usually not required.

Where is it?

We bring the workshop to you. All we need are tables and chairs for the kids to work on and to eat the food afterwards.

How long is it?

A typical workshop runs for about 2 hours (includes set up and pack up time), but we can tailor it to suit your organisation.

Who can attend?

All children of school age can attend including children with special dietary needs such as food allergy, diabetes or coeliac disease.

How much is it?

To discuss pricing information or available dates for our in-school program please email or call (02) 9858 3188


The Kids Nutrition Workshop works best in succession, below is a suggested course plan.  Please click to download as pdf

The following additional themes can be easily integrated into the suggested course plan:

  • Your body and Salt – effect of too much salt on our body, how much do we need, how much salt are there in the food that you eat.
  • Fat: The good, the bad and the ugly – the kinds of fat, what food has what fat, what is the role of fat in your body.
  • What is sugar? – The different kinds of sugar, where are they.
  • Vitamins: does the genie really live in a bottle? – What is vitamins, where are they, is taking supplements such as vitamin C really necessary?
  • Australian Guide to Healthy Eating – explanation of what this guide is about and how to use it. How to read the food label (nutrition information panel), we will read the label of the foods that are relevant to the kids.
  • Sports nutrition – what do we need to eat (and what to avoid) to be fit and healthy. The importance of eating breakfast. Examples of good breakfast.
  • “Ready Steady Cook” style game – kids are divided into two teams and to come up with ideas of what to cook using the ingredients we brought in. Of course the dietitians will be right there to assist the kids to come up with ideas of the recipes.
  • Or tell us your idea and we can always turn it into a fun and educational cooking workshop for the kids

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  • Got Game for Paddington Public School Vacation Care Program 
  • Ultimo Community Centre After School Care Program
  • Stanmore Public School Vacation Care Program