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If you've got a diet-related question ask our team of Accredited Practising Dietitians.


Our friendly and knowledgeable dietitians have helped many people to improve their health through making small changes to their eating habits.  Read more...

Check out our Kids Nutrition Workshop   (formerly known as Kids Cooking Workshop) where kids learn about nutrition and basic cooking skills.  Education is the key to correct any bad eating habits! Workshops are run as:

  • In-School Program
  • Weekend Program
  • Holiday Program

How healthy is your workforce?  and your workplace?  We can help you to answer these questions and improve the health of your most precious asset - your employees.  Read more...

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Does your baby cry a lot and is difficult to settle?

Is your baby exclusively breastfed and younger than 4 months?

If so, you could be eligible to participate in a ground breaking study at the children's Nutrition Research Centre which aims to develop treatment options for babies with colic...